From Carol Hopkins, Erie: We just finished the send off ceremony, led by the Chief Little Boy water drum and Onabinaise (Jim Dumon) and it was nothing short of absolutely awesome – the spirit is full of love and there is much excitement with everyone involved. 

Josephine is off to fill her copper pail with water from lake ontario and then begin the walk.  Hilda and family, Violet Melvina, Angel Rodney, Bea, Charmain, Pauline and Luanna and others are with Josephine.  Gram, Nancy, Nick, Mary, Beendigay and Daintry, Krystal, Shkawbaywis and Dawnestelle, Jess and Gabe, Brian Hill, Mark, Dave, Val, Carol, and all the kids are on our way right now to whirlpool park for tobacco offerings and will finish the day at the Rainbow Falls/U.S. side of the falls.