I may be able to watch a little more of CNN now that Lou Dobbs is gone.

It was just on Tuesday that I was talking with my brother-in-law Robbie about Dobbs who was telling the story about the Fort Hood shootings. We know Dobbs detests terrorists. Even after the reporters were explaining over and over again that the suspect wasn’t linked to Islamic extremists, Dobbs pressed on. I guess if you’re Muslim and you kill a bunch of innocent people, you’re a terrorist. That’s not a far stretch. But is this about the suspect being a terrorists, or is it about him being Muslim?

Dobbs is well known for being the most outspoken critic of illegal immigrants and human rights they may or may not be entitled to in the United States. Anything will set him off. (Just trying saying “Taco anyone?” at the CNN lunch counter.) But is it because they are illegal aliens, or is it about them being Mexican? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

There is a fine line here. When it sounds like racism and smells like racism? Is it racism? He’s pretty careful not to cross that line. But I wonder what Lou Dobbs sounds like at a barbeque, chasing two burgers with a six-pack?

I’ll give it to him, he’s honest. He’s not overwhelmed by political correctness. He has no fear. But I just can’t watch his show.

The Lou Dobbs Show isn’t news, It’s biased, personal commentary – pure and simple. Journalists are entitled to their opinion, sure. But his opinions far exceed anything that has been offered in television journalism. His opinions go beyond even Geraldo Rivera. Personally, I’d like to see them go toe-to-toe. Geraldo has taken down his share opinion-ists, namely a few neo-nazis skinheads in 1988.

Dobbs will be back. Probably for right-wing Fox News. But probably not for Al Jezeera or Telelatino.

For all of the brothers and sisters of colour, I’ll quote American History X: “You just take it easy on the brothers, a’ight? The brothers!”