Hey, can you see
what I want you to see?
It’s a real life party
It’s somebody you’ll be.

When your livin’ the life
You’ll let the timeline shift
The harder the road
The sands of time will sift.

da perx, da e
da hillbilly h
A vampire cocktail
“Now isn’t it great?”

Till your lyin’ there
Face down in the gutter
Askin’ “where are my friends?”
“I shoulda listen to ma mother.”

Sure, you may wake up
(But there’s a chance, you’ll certainly not.)
You’re living a life
That nobody would want

Then one day you’ll realize
wrinkled fine lines burn
You’re too old for this
It’s time to make a turn

Gotta take it back
Stick to your dreams
Never mind that role
It’s not as cool as it seems

Sure, I can see
what you want me to see.
It’s a real life party
I’ve got somebody to be