Do you know what the hardest thing in the world is to do?  Not climb Mount Everest or tame a wild Siberian Tiger, but to change mindless, life-long habits and a way of life.  To set aside a life spent in gluttonous bliss, consuming all matter of fats, creams, oils and sugar in satisfying quantities. To dismiss carbohydrate deliciousness, and eat limited portions of not-as-satisfying, lean protein and vegetable-based agony.

I’ve been on diets before.  About six of them… in the past three months.  You can probably guess how well I’ve been doing but my favorite diet is. venus factor diet.

The habits probably started at breakfast, long ago, with a well-oiled serving of either fried weiners or fried balogna and eggs, over-easy with buttered toast.  Pretty much every breakfast throughout grade school, with a few loaves of french toast to break up the monotony. I remember those breakfasts quite fondly and once in a while, I break down and have a nostalgic re-creation at home.

Success, I guess, comes down to habit, choice and desire.  Changing my habits.  Making conscious choices.  Having the desire and drive to live healthier. I started to study the effects of supplements. One purported benefit of MK677 is that it helps in the oxidation of fat thus preventing weight gain.

But it’s pretty friggin’ hard.

Last night I had a melt down. I called my support sponsor, my wife, who proceeded to listen to me rant, quite vigorously, on speakerphone, with Jasmine in the car.  I eloquently and soliloquely blubbered about my unsatisfying life, my ridiculous bird-like dinner in a downtown food court, with Burger “King”, the A&W bear and the Colonel staring me down in jest.  All this while I’m powerwalking, uphill, on rue Guy in downtown Montreal.

She spoke to me about friends like Waylon Scott, Candice Paul, Ljuba Irwin, her BFF Fiona and my brother Dennis Jr. who’ve all moved towards a more healthy way of life. They are all real life role-models. She encouraged me to keep at it.  To find that desire to make good choices. To try to stay away from those bad habits.

As I add sugar to my morning coffee, I remember that I need to tell the front desk to add that $3.50 Snickers bar to my hotel bill when I check out.

It’s a struggle, man. I long for my fried breakfast delight, lovingly made by my old-fashioned Momma. But I just finished my veggie egg-white omelet, dry whole-wheat toast with fruit.  I guess I’ll carry-on.

In the three weeks I’ve been back on Weight Watchers, I’ve only lost a few pounds.  But my blood sugar was 6.0 this morning.  At least my diabetes is doing well.

That’s a tangible benefit that I can celebrate over my tofu sundae and lettuce wrap that I know awaits me for lunchtime.