Denys Beaucage

First Nations people do everything well.  We’re great hunters and trappers.  Our people lived for millennia by being excellent spear-fishermen.  However, we’re also excellent guides and sports fishermen in our own right.  One Anishinaabe man is trying to go above-and-beyond when it comes to the world of sport fishing.

Denys Beaucage, known by many as the Nish Fisherman, is vying to be the next host of one of Canada’s premier fishing shows, Fish ‘n Canada.  Beaucage, from Wasauksing First Nation, with family in Nipissing First Nation and Moose Deer Point First Nation is taking part in a contest called The Next Big Thing.

Beaucage has been a fisherman for pretty much all of his life.  His dad, former Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief John Beaucage and his grandfather Samuel, introduced him to the outdoor life as a young boy.  Almost immediate he began to haul in trophy-sized northern pike and bass in and around his familiar waters of Georgian Bay.

Denys has tremendous skill and experience in bass fishing, but also finds great pleasure in fighting for pike and walleye, important catches for not only his fellow Anishinaabe (Ojibway people), but for most northern Ontario sport fisherman.

All of Wasauksing, Nipissing, and Moose Deer Point are behind Denys.  We encourage you to support him as well.  Miigwetch.  Vote early and vote often.

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