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The North Bay Comedy Festival, August 12-15. Be there or be… somewhere else.

northbaycomedy3I want to give a big shout out to support my friends Clint Couchie and Ryan McMahon.  These guys are putting the mainstream into Aboriginal comedy.

No longer does Nish humour have to be niche humour.

Today, these young indigenous comics are entertaining diverse audiences from Winnipeg to Montreal… and all locales in between, including North Bay.

Slynish Productions is organizing North Bay’s first Comedy Festival taking place August 12-15, 2015.  The headliner will be Winnipeg’s very own Ryan McMahon who will be at Moose’s Cook House in North Bay on the evening of August 12.  Clint Couchie will also be performing as well as fellow comics Gavan Stephens, Phil Luzi, Sandra Battaglini and Gilson Lubin.

All local comedy fans, please support the North Bay Comedy Festival.

If you are planning to visit the North Bay area, check out some good gut-bustin’ comedy.  The wings are pretty good too!




For tickets and for more information visit:

Be there or be… somewhere else.  Ayyyy!  Just kidding!!  Dew!!!  Baw!!!!



Clint Couchie

I almost laughed myself off the road!

fishNchipsWhen I seen this faux-ichthys magnet on the back of a car today, I must have laughed for about 10 miles.  I’m talking about convulsive, tear-producing, sore-belly laughter.  I almost drove myself off the road.  I’m still giggling about it here in bed.

I’m sure at the miracle of loaves and fishes, Jesus and his followers would have enjoyed them with chips.