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Nbisiing Women speak out to leading candidate for Chief


Scott McLeod

Scott McLeod proposes to establish a forum for Women, Elders and Youth

The women of Nipissing First Nation will be a strong voice to hear from in this week’s election for Chief and Council.  Scott McLeod, the leading candidate for Chief, has heard from a number of Nbisiing kwewag over the course of his campaign and through a survey sent out recently.

“It’s clear to me that women in Nipissing First Nation are expecting to be heard on a great number of issues facing our community,” said Scott McLeod, Crane Clan and a direct descendant of Chief Shabogesic. “I think it’s important that we establish and support a specific forum for the women to participate and show their concerns to Chief and Council.”

Scott expressed a few kind words for the role of women in his life and the life of the community.

“We depend so much on their advice, direction and in how they care for and nurture our community. They are also our life givers – caretakers for the Lake, the water and Mother Earth. We have to honour them in their role as leaders in the community,” said Scott.

Scott McLeod has also voiced his support for an Elder’s Forum and a Youth Forum that will provide a voice directly to Chief and Council, and when required, the community, and governance functions.

“To me, this is a logical direction in self-government and grass-roots representation. This is what the community is asking for and expecting of their government.”

Scott was happy to share some of the interim results of the Nipissing First Nation Women’s Survey as well as some of the comments that struck a chord with him.

“As we establish and continue with an ongoing Women’s Forum, we’ll hear from more and more from Nipissing First Nation women, their perspectives and their issues,” concluded Scott.

  • Election Day, Friday, July 10 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. in Garden Village and Duchesnay.

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The following results of the survey and shared comments may not represent the views of all Nipissing First Nation women nor are they an exhaustive list of issues important to Nbisiing kwewag.  If you are a Nipissing First Nation woman and are interested in providing your views, you are invited to fill out the survey.

Ranking of Women’s Issues in Nipissing First Nation

Education of our children, taking care of the youth. 100 1
As women & caretakers of the water & the Lake, being more involved in the fisheries discussions from a women’s perspective. 81 2
Safety, addressing family violence & missing and murdered Aboriginal women. 76 3
Our Nbisiing culture & Ojibwemowin language 60 4
Being coming more involved in NFN business & having a forum to discuss women’s issues 58 5

Comments from the Women’s Survey

  • “Creation of a Women’s Council where our opinions on critical decisions are included and acted upon.”
  • “Job creation or training should be one of the highest priorities. You can’t create a job for everyone here but if they were trained themselves, they would have a better chance of getting a job somewhere.”
  • “I would say the highest priority are our waters and lakes. Without them we cannot take care of our children, families or any issues of any kind. Our culture is so important. We must do everything we can to preserve it.”
  • “For me it is being treated fairly. It shouldn’t matter what your name is or what family your belong to. Treat all people with respect no matter what area or side of the Nipissing First Nation you were raised and grew up in.”
  • “Discussions regarding Elders/Long-Term Care facilities would be an important issue.”
  • “Membership, passing status to our children and grandchildren and the one parent rule.”
  • “I find that the most important issue I have is being able to have a roof over my children’s heads and food on the table and knowing that my children are safe in their environment. I would move back to Nipissing if there were more affordable housing and jobs that I would be qualified for so I can support my family while living in the community.”
  • “I feel that substance abuse is huge with NFN women! We have so many women who are losing their children to foster cares outside of NFN due to drug use. We need more help with woman for substance abuse, more involvement with parenting and we need a women’s shelter in the Garden Village area.”
  • “For me, the most important issue is my children having an education that is rich in our culture and teachings, provided in Anishinaabemowin. They need to grow and learn in safe, culturally oriented environments, where we can teach them to be safe and respectful, and instill pride in who they are as Anishinaabe.”
  • “Expanding upon Nbisiing Secondary school to include all grades and provide language immersion.

Scott McLeod represents real change. That’s why I’m For Scott.


Ahniin-Boozhoo Nbisiing Anishinaabeg, niin dwaymaaginidoog minwaa niikaanisidoog.  Mno Canada-giizhgad.

(Ed. Note:  This post turned out a little longer than I wanted in a Canada Day message because the message is so important.  Please make sure you read and respond to the “Call To Action” below.)

Canada Day is a good time to reflect on our own Nationhood as Anishinaabe people.  And not just because we may be taking the holiday off.

Whether you are a citizen of Nipissing First Nation, another First Nation community, the Anishinabek Nation or one of the many indigenous nations from sea to shining sea – all indigenous people should give serious thought to our own survival in the face of continued attempts at assimilation, racism and challenges to our sovereignty.

We also have to give careful thought to the selection of our leaders.  Our leaders, our Gimaag and Gimaakwewag, are the people that we entrust with defending our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, facilitating change and determining a course of action for our communities as we move towards Anishinaabe self-government.

On July 10, Nipissing First Nation has an election.  For the first time in nine years we are electing a new Chief to lead us through one the most difficult times that our community has faced.  These include serious challenges to our inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty rights.  Outsiders are calling for an end to our legal rights.  We are facing blatant racism from our neighbours.  Those attitudes are being perpetuated by social media, the mainstream media and so-called stakeholder organizations.  There is a serious issue to deal with in restoring the health of Lake Nipissing, building our economy and finding alternative and well-paying jobs to the commercial fishery.  This is a serious time for us in Nipissing.  We have to get this right!

My fellow Nbisiing men and women:

  • We need a Chief that has the strength and competency to lead us through this important period of change.
  • We need someone that will listen and care for our people.
  • We need someone who has the energy, resilience and youthfulness to keep up with the grinding days, weeks, months and years ahead.
  • Most importantly, we need someone who hasn’t been beleaguered and gun-shy by the inaction of their counterparts.

Electing an incumbent Councillor as our Chief is NOT change.  It’s the same old, same old.  We need someone who can confidently facilitate real change. Period.  Full stop!!

For heaven’s sake, please don’t mark an ‘X’ next to a name just because you’ve been doing it for years or because you’ve been comfortable with them for years as a Councillor.  Don’t vote for anyone just because they are a nice guy.  They’re all nice guys.  And don’t just vote for someone because they are your cousin.  An election shouldn’t be a popularity contest.  This is a serious time for us in Nipissing.  We have to get this right!

To me, given what I’ve said in a previous post, Scott McLeod is the only choice for Chief of Nipissing First Nation.


Please join me, as we launch the slogan: “I’m For Scott”.

  1. Please share this post, create your own Facebook status update, a Twitter tweet or social media post saying “I’m For Scott”.  Let people know that you support real change by electing Scott McLeod.
  2. In your Facebook and social media posts, please use the hashtag:  #ImforScott
  3. Please post or share the I’m For Scott image (above).  Use it as your Profile Pic until July 10 at 8 p.m.
  4. Go to Scott’s Facebook page and hit “Like”.
  5. Share this post via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Show your support for Scott McLeod.  Be vocal and speak up, let your friends know that: “I’m For Scott”.

These little actions can go a long way in ensuring that the right decision is made at the ballot box.

Mi iw.  Gchi Miigwetch, Anishinaabeg.



  • Advance Poll, Saturday, July 4 9-2 p.m. in Garden Village
  • Election Day Friday July 10 9-8 p.m. in Duchesnay and Garden Village
  • Living off-reserve? Please send in your mail-in ballots.
  • Need more information, contact the Electoral Officer (705) 303-6868

Seven reasons why Scott McLeod is the ONLY choice for Chief

Scott McLeod

Scott McLeod

Our Chief is gone. Hail to the Chief.

Marianna Couchie, our fearless leader for the past three terms has chosen not to seek re-election, opting for clearer skies, enjoying retirement and taking care of her family. Now we have the task of filling her moccasins and choosing our next Chief for Nipissing First Nation.

The most important issue in this campaign, and the biggest issue that has faced our community in the past fifty years is the health of Lake Nipissing, the defence of our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and the future of the Nipissing First Nation commercial fishery. The data is there and it is a reality. The walleye population is severely hurting and on the verge of collapse. As a result, we need a leader that can show strength in defending our rights, managing the fishery and protecting our precious resource for future generations.

In my opinion, Scott McLeod is the only choice for the job. Here are a just a few of the reasons.

SCOTT CAN MANAGE THE FISHERY – Scott has the experience, not only as a member of Nipissing First Nation Chief and Council, but in managing fisheries issues, the health of the Lake Nipissing, and defending our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. Scott has spent the better part of his career in fisheries as part of a concerted effort to study, strategize and protect the walleye population. Scott worked for both Nipissing First Nation Fisheries in it’s formative years, then the Anishinabek-Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre (AOFRC). He’s been in the room with the Ministry of Natural Resources’ biologists, District Managers and Assistant Deputy Ministers. He speaks the language of fisheries and can interpret the research and speak to it in detail. He can also speak the language of Anishinaabe Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. But most of all, he knows what needs to be done. In this area, Scott has no other competitors.

SCOTT WAS THE ONLY CANDIDATE TO SPEAK TO THE FISHERY – A recent article in The North Bay Nugget about the Duchesnay Candidate’s Night began with the following important lines:

“There’s no purpose to having rights to resources if the resources aren’t there,” says Scott McLeod, a candidate for Nipissing First Nation chief.

“We need to make sustainability of our fish and wildlife paramount ahead of any group or individual whether native or non-native,” he told about 75 people at an (sic) candidates’ night at Nbisiing Secondary School in Duchesnay Village, Wednesday.

“We need to hold the government accountable in assisting in our efforts to provide better management of our natural resources by way of better science and data collection.”

McLeod was the only candidate for chief to speak about the fishery.” – THE NUGGET

Do you want your next Chief to deal with the issue head-on or continue to bury their heads in the sand? Do you want your next Chief to be able to show leadership on fisheries or act on their own interests? It’s pretty clear to me.

SCOTT HAS THE COMPETENCY TO DO THE JOB – There are times in my career, when it’s my job to examine candidates for who is best for the job. Not only does Scott McLeod demonstrate the required skills needed to be Chief, and have the required experience – but he has what the other candidates lack: sheer competency. Scott clearly demonstrates leadership competencies. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and compare all the candidates to a political leader you most admire. Compare all the candidates to a successful Chief Executive Officer. Listen to the way they use their words to express confidence. The way they inspire others to be the best that they can be. The way they might facilitate the change management that will be required. That’s what competency is about.

SCOTT IS ARTICULATE AND SPEAKS LIKE A CHIEF – A Chief needs to act like a Chief. A Chief needs to sound like a Chief. A Chief needs to be able to articulate himself or herself strongly and clearly. Please take a look at the YouTube videos from the Candidate’s night. Scott’s energy and ability to articulate himself clearly will be essential in the defence of our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and ensuring Nipissing First Nation remains ahead of the curve in address our issues, working with our partners and building our economy.

SCOTT IS GENUINE, CARING AND HARD WORKING – I’ve known Scott my entire life. I’ve looked up to him as a big brother. I’ve seen him come to the aid of those in need. He’s got a heart of gold and truly exhibits the qualities of an Anishinaabe man. Sometimes being a leader isn’t about special interests or issues. Being a Chief means that you can understand the challenges of our people and put in the work to help those in need. And not political work either – but getting your hands dirty and doing the heavy lifting. In this way, Scott isn’t coming in to give a speech and shake hands and leave the room. Scott is there for you, your family and not afraid to give his blood, sweat and tears for all of Nipissing First Nation.

SCOTT HAS ENERGY & VITALITY: Scott has a lot going for him through his youthful energy. He’s got energy and vitality to spare in dealing with the in’s and out’s of First Nation governance. He has the strength and spirit to take on those that vie to eliminate our rights. Scott has many years of leadership ahead of him.

ImForScottSCOTT HAS INFLUENCE – Scott has broad networks and connections with Grand Chiefs and other First Nation Chiefs across Anishinabek territory. Having worked at the highest levels of First Nation politics for years, I’ve seen this first hand. Other candidates may claim to have the same networks, but from my perspective, they were merely passive observers. Scott McLeod was never afraid to speak for Nipissing from the front of the room and from a real position of influence.

Please consider carefully your vote for Chief of Nipissing First Nation. For those who think that the electorate is always right, just look at the past 10 years under Stephen Harper.

No matter whose sign you have in your front yard, you have to ask yourself: “Is that the right choice for our next Chief?” For me, there is only one choice and that’s the only choice. Join me in speaking out and showing your support for Scott McLeod.


  • Advance Poll, Saturday, July 4 9-2 p.m. in Garden Village
  • Election Day, Friday July 10 9-8 p.m. in Duchesnay and Garden Village
  • Living off-reserve? Please send in your mail-in ballots.
  • Need more information, contact the Electoral Officer (705) 303-6868