Nswi Ishkoday Kawn
Anishinaebeg O’dish Kidway Kawn

We, the Chiefs, Chairpersons, Councillors, Headmen, Headwomen and Citizens present – of the Three Fires Confederacy and allied Nations that emanate from the historical Algonkian Confederacy, united by blood, clan, land and Spirituality including:The Odawa Nation,
Pottawotomi Nation, and
The Ojibway Nation.
and those allied Nations, including but not limited to:The Menominee, Ho-chunk, Miami, Kickapoo, Algonquian, Sauk/Fox, Naskapi, Wabunakeg, Lene Lenapi and Cree.In free and open assembly, before G’zhemanidoo, Creation and Humanity, this August 23, 2007, in the Ketegaunseebee Anishinaabe Territory at Baawaating – we, the people of of the Three Fires Confederacy and allied Nations do hereby declare:

  • We recognize and acknowledge that the Spirit has always been the centre and foundation of the ways of our Ancestors.  Furthermore, through our participation at this Three Fires Confederacy Gathering, we have felt and been nurtured by the Spirit to move forward in our lives with hope and it is the same connection to the Spirit that is our hope for the future.

  • We recognize that we have revived a sense of our Anishinaabe historical and spiritual unity.

  • Our children are living vessels and it is our responsibility to protect, nurture and cultivate the knowledge of our ancestors for our children’s future.

  • That in education, our children must have a way of learning that is based on Our Story, and our original ways of knowing and teachings.

  • That each and every Anishinaabe person shall continue to advance the Spiritual, Political and Social well-being of our Nation.

  • That each and every Anishinaabe person shall work to overcome the immoral shackles of colonialism that plague our nation, including overcoming the colonial boundaries that segregate us.

  • That our ways in which we govern ourselves, our communities and our Confederacy and how we relate to one another is rooted in the Clan System.  

  • We direct that a Clan System model be developed based upon the priorities identified by this Confederacy, namely: Anishinaabemowin Language, Governance, Lands and Resources, Judiciary, Cultural Based Education, Citizenship and the Economy.  That any sovereign Anishinaabeg community may share responsibilities identified in the Clan System model.

  • Alliances and treaties will continue amongst ourselves and with other Nations and must be in keeping with the original spirit and intent of our ways of relating with one another as Nations.

  • That the means for our health and well-being must be based on our original ways of healing.

  • That our relationship with Mother Earth and her land and environment and most importantly the water – which is the source of all life, nourishing and sustaining all her children throughout the world – is the responsibility of Anishinaabeg, by virtue of our sacred covenant to look after the well-being of our beautiful and sacred Mother.   

  • We look ahead to the re-kindling of the sacred Confederacy flame, walking in the footsteps of Pontiac, Tecumseh, Jichi Match-e-be-nashshe-wish and Shingwauk and all our Anishinaabeg ancestors.

  • It is our direction and commitment to gather as the Three Fires Confederacy and allied Nations each and every year in perpetuity.

  • In unity, we direct our leadership of all levels to work with us in ensuring the successful implementation of this declaration.

We hear the echo of our Grandfather, Dan Pine and affirm his words “Now that we have found The Confederacy; we can never lose it again.”