I’m sitting at the airport Exchange Cafe at Pearson International Airport, people watching, contemplating life, philosophy, downing a Diet Coke or two. Life is completely amazing. I can put my most personal thoughts on the web, unbenownst to the guy thumbing through his Monacle magazine sitting next to me.

Tonight, for the first time ever, I’m completely paperless and wireless. I checked in to my Air Canada flight from Highway 400 via Mobile Check-In. I printed my own baggage tags and dropped my bags off at the Web Baggage Drop Off. Downloaded my online Boarding Pass and went through security. No paper, no hassle. Incredible!

The miracles of humankind are only surpassed by the incredible miracles of Creation. I’m honoured and blessed everyday for the bounty of Earth and Humankind.

*raises his glass of D.C.* Miigwetch, Gzhemnidoo Anishinaabe bimaadiziwin.