Viva La Dryden…  Although I didn’t hear the first three speeches from Martha Hall-Finley, Scott Brison and Jow Volpe, I felt that Ken Dryden takes the award for best speech and best performance of the night.  I’ve been critical of Ken’s public speaking in the past.  Sometimes he is pretty dull and bureaucratic.  Sometimes he doesn’t get a good flow going.  But other times, he nails it.  Tonight, fortunately, was the best speech of the campaign.
He was dynamic, he was engaging, he was interesting and he was funny.  More importantly, he was most definitely Prime Ministerial.  He came off like a true statesman that he is.  I’m confident he’s not only regrouped his troops, but may have convinced others that he’s worth looking at and not worth counting out.

Second place…  Bob Rae.  What a character!  Without a “safety net”, Bob Rae delivered tonight: no speech no teleprompter, no problem.  He was courageous and enlightening.  He displayed his best characteristics, his integrity, honesty and experience.  There is no question he showed his charisma as well.  Way to go, Bob!

Third Place…  Gerard Kennedy.  The man made me think twice. 

And what about Ignatieff?…  I don’t know what it is.  He’s saying all the right things.  Good policy.  But there is just something that is not genuine about the guy.  His brother was on TV, stating that the perceived arrogance about the man is actually his “shyness”.  If that’s what it is, he’s got to shed it before election day.  He was weak, robotic.  Even behind the likes of Martha Hall-Finley and Scott Brison tonight.

Welcome Joe…  Joe Volpe passed his support to Bob Rae.  This gives me some releif in two regards:  1.  It means one less ballot to stand in line for; 2. More support for Bob Rae.

Going to bed soundly…  After tonight’s speeches, I feel I can go to bed soundly, knowing that I’m supporting the two best candidates for leader: Ken Dryden and Bob Rae.  I won’t lose any sleep second guessing my choice not to endorse and vote for Ignatieff.

Ouch My Feet…  Waited in line for three hours to vote.  Standing on hard concrete.  Walked over to listen to the remaining speeches, Dryden, Dion, Kennedy.  No seats, standing room only.  Couldn’t take it anymore and walked, through the underground downtown tunnels, climbed up lots of stairs, up to my hotel room.  From my bed, with my sore feet up, I watched the remaining two speeches on CBC.

Premier Dalton McGuinty, The Right Honourable Paul Martin, The Right Honourable John Turner listening to Ken Dryden’s speech.

Above and Below: Attentive Ken Dryden supporters.