• Faces in the Crowd…  Today, I ran into a few familiar known faces.  Of course, I was pleased to see our MP from Nipissing-Timiscaming Anthony Rota and his lovely wife Chantal.  Also spent some time with Garth Goodhew from our riding.  Made some friends with delegates from the Liberal Women’s Commission and aligned myself with them somewhat.  Also met astronaut Marc Garneau.  Way cool!  Lots of politicians.  Liberal Leader Bill Graham, MPs Wayne Easter, Ken Boshcoff, Todd Russell, Gary Merasty, Provincial Health Minister George Smitherman, former Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan.
  • State of the Party…  For the first time in the history of Canadian politics, a political party broadcast its financial report.  How’s that for transparency.  Everybody who tuned in on CPAC had access the the great news, that our party has moved from a deficit position of over -$3 million to a surplus of over $4 million.  The best news of all, a declaration that the Liberal Party of Canada is ready for an election at any time!¼br>

  • Bob Rae, Bob Rae, Bob Rae… again.  More and more, it looks like I’m going to support Bob Rae on a second ballot.  Today, in a packed room at the Palais du Congres, I asked a question to Bob Rae.  “What will he do to work with First Nations, to promote self-government and making our own decisions on our future.  Would he support the APC resolution on opening up the constitution?” Unfortunately, he rejected the idea of re-opening the constitution stating it is a difficult process and often times it takes a lot of effort to get everybody onside.  However, he gave me the most comprehensive and positive answer about supporting First Nations governments, working in partnership and taking tangible steps to moving on protecting our children, and establishing economies.  This man speaks our language and has great experience working with First Nations.

  • Guns, guns and more guns…  The Liberal Party is on a policy kick to eliminate small arms, handguns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons.  However, in their eagerness to move these resolutions, they have lumped in legimiate semi-automatic rifles that many hunters use.  Apparently, they are unable to distinguish between practical and legal semi-automatice hunting rifles and assault weapons, which have no place in the bush.  I voted against the resolution.  Unfortunately, it was passed.

  • Where can I get a decent bagel?  Just kidding.