The national “Day of Action”, I think, was a resounding success.  It was so nice to see First Nations people from across the country band together under our united cause.  Our messages were (mostly) positive and well coordinated.  The support we received from Canadians was truly overwhelming.  
Chi-miigwetch Canada.  For the first time in a long time, I celebrated (tongue in cheek) Canada Day.  I spend the whole day in North Bay with April and Alana, enjoying the music, food and the fireworks.
As I said, most of our messages were positive with the exception of a few idiots in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.
Sure I understand their plight.  I understand the issues.
But it still doesn’t justify the outcome.  The only thing they did was further alienate Canadians and hurt their cause.
Being a warrior ISN’T about being warlike.  It isn’t about pure emotion.  It isn’t about aggression.
Being a true warrior is about protecting your community, family and children.  It’s about providing a safe environment.  It’s about being disciplined.  It’s about servitude.
From what I see, The Mohawk warrior society’s philosophy does not demonstrate these values.  In Mohawk territory, it seems that hotter heads always prevail.
Consistently, the Mohawk warrior society has put their women and children in harm’s way.
Often times, they go against the wishes of the Clan Mothers and their elected band councils.
The approach favoured by the warrior societies in Tyendinaga (and Caledonia) will not generate the positive support necessary to create change.  It will only generate more hate from red-neck neighbours.  It will generate calls for police aggression.  Aggressions fuels aggression.  Somebody will eventually get hurt.
I have a lot of respect for the OPP and their members who have been seemingly disciplined and peaceful to this point.
But at some point someone is going to go too far.