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From: “Goulais, Bob”
Date: Wednesday, Jul 11, 2007 4:12 pm
Subject: Re: Special Request…

Miigwetch Ray.

With all due respect to our local First Nations autonomy, we are very supportive of this effort and the protection of milkweed and the Monarch Butterfly habitat.

Unfortunately, our Grand Council Chief is unable to attend in Alban on Friday.

It is our sacred responsibility as Anishinaabe to look after all of Mother Earth, the flora and the fauna.

According to our sacred teachings: one of our first sacred gifts given to us as Anishinaabe was the gift of intelligence and freewill. With this amazing gift, we were asked specifically by the Creator to be stewards of the land and the waters and to care for the birdlife, the fishlife, the insectlife, and the four-leggeds.

With the gifts of intelligence and freewill, we are the only beings who can make choices to directly effect our environment and effect those around us.

It is essential that Anishinaabeg need to make good choices so we are effecting the environment positively and effect those around us in only a positive way.

This isn’t only the gifts and responsibility of the Anishinaabeg. These are the gifts and responsibilites of us all.

We encourage all developers and authorities to be vigilant in ensuring they are not negatively effecting sensative, natural habitat. We should not just be meeting the minimum requirements related to the environment assessment – we all need to go above and beyond and respect all those being around us.

We all have Spirit.

Development should be done to the detriment of the environment and habitat.