Weight Watchers… #Fail

I’ve just about given up on Weight Watchers.  Mainly, because there’s really no watching going on at all.

I just simply renew the membership and continue doing what I’ve always been doing.  But for about $50 per month, I’m just fooling myself, my partner my Weight Watchers group, and everyone else.  It’s been at least six weeks since I’ve tracked my food intake and activity.  It’s been about eight weeks since I’ve actually measured my food portions.

But like the dummy I am, every Saturday morning, I weigh-in hoping for some positive change.  And positive is right.  Pounds to the positive… for the last six weeks in a row.  After the weigh-in failure, I treat myself to a full American breakfast and a weekend of movie popcorn.  The mantra goes:  “Well, I guess I’ll start fresh on Monday.  Definitely!  I’ll be back on the program!”

Sure, I’ve taken off about ten pounds.  Lots of people say I look great.  But I’m really just going through the motions.  Once no one is looking over my shoulder, I’m out eating fast food.  Even when I’m “following the plan” – I’m subconsciously waiting for the diet venus weight loss reviews to be over.  Because when it’s over, I can get back to normal.

Deborah has been a great supporter and I feel I have let her down.  She does all of the meal planning, she packs my healthy lunch and wakes up at an ungodly hour of the morning just to cook our healthy dinner.  I’m always thankful for her efforts. Yesterday showed me this forskolin danger article wich was very helfull.

But I have no impulse control to avoid the fast food, drive-thru window.  Make it a double!  Not to mention chinese food and Dairy Queen.

Today for breakfast, I had a leftover barbeque cheeseburger.  Then I went to the gym and did 35 minutes of cardio and a full body workout.  On my way home, I had “second-breakfast”: a fresh bagel with jam and peanut butter and a full-size, deli pretzel.  My logic:  Hobbits are small, and they have second-breakfast.

I do enjoy working out at the gym.  That makes me feel good.  I’d like to continue doing that.

I probably won’t over-eat as often either.  As Deborah tells me, “it’s a lifestyle change”.  I’ll try to manage my weight through common-sense and some form of portion control.  As she continues her healthy journey, I’m sure it will rub off on me anyway.

Anyway.  Just thought I’d write what I’m feeling.



  1. Ethel says:

    hey bob…way to go is what I say….I suggest for you to try Op-ti fast milk shakes…4 a day ….and you can eat green peppers, salad with lemon and brocholii*sp* but thats it….with the shakes you can also add a crystal light for taste….I say get all vanilla that way you will have taste options…try not to cheat…you are not cheating on anyone …only yourself…am sure Deb is very proud of you no matter what. Its not about the failures or the weight loss, its about that you gave it a go and succeeded where as some people only talk about what you are doing…great job and keep it up…if you use my suggestion…would love to hear how it worked for ya…see you out and about this summer…

  2. Stick with it, Bob. My online WW membership costs $17 – why does it cost you so much?? I’m in the same rut as you, total denial, but I’m starting to apply myself again. Sounds like your Deborah is a great lady. 🙂

  3. Bob Goulais says:

    Miigwetch for the advice, Ethel. Becky, WW is $12/week. But that includes the meeting fees and the online stuff as well.

  4. Have you tried as close to a Nish traditional diet instead (lots of meat, fish, fat, fruits in season) — I lost 20lbs that way (nobody check my arteries…)

  5. Traditional foods, eat more of those, less sugar and starch. That’s all… oh and lots of garlic. 🙂