I thought there was an unspoken code of conduct among women.  What’s the term?  “Sisterhood?”

I don’t really know these sorts of things.  I get my what-women-want information second-hand (obviously) or from books, television or the movies. 

But I’m 100 percent sure there is one rule that says women shouldn’t be dating their friend’s ‘Ex’.  Especially if you consider yourselves “sisters”.  However, it certainly happens because no one can predict matters of the heart.  When such a sensitive situation does come up, the unspoken code is to have a thorough discussion among friends and ask permission from your sister.

Unfortunately, sister ‘B’ didn’t ask Sister ‘A’ permission.  Well, life goes on.

What if it happens once?  I’m sure that’s pretty common.

But what are the odds that it can happen again?  A second Ex… behind her back… with no discussion.

Is Sister ‘B’ mimicing the life of Sister ‘A’?  Is there a subconscious longing to be that person.  It sure seems like it.

What’s next?  Taking her place in social circles?  Taking her spot in the “choir”?  Taking her job?  How about going to her boss making dispariging comments? Talking behind her back?

This just has to be fiction.  Sisters just don’t do that to sisters.  Do they?

But what would I know.  I’m just a man… with access to Facebook.