lobsterroyaleDeborah’s favourite restaurant is closed.  Forever.

Lobster Royale was the Duchess of Thornhill’s best kept secret.  It was to her, what “Freddy’s BBQ Joint” was to future TV POTUS Frank Underwood.  All the stages of loss apply, most particularly shock, then denial.  Acceptance is still a ways off.

Lobster Royale was a family staple.  It had a hidden gem quality to it.  Something about the staff, the food, the decor resonated and felt like home.  It could be a longing for her Mi’gmaq homeland and the deliciousness of the sea.

So…  what DO you do when your wife’s favorite restaurant closes?  You send a thank you note to the owner.


From: Bob Goulais

Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 9:51 PM
To: erikalobroy@hotmail.com
Cc: Richardson, Deborah
Subject: Thank You, Lobster Royale

Dear Lobster Royale:

Thank you for the years of great dinner and special occasions.  I was disappointed to drive by today and find out that you have closed your doors.  Lobster Royale was indeed a favorite of our family, and my wife’s absolute favorite restaurant!  Many a birthday dinner for her was celebrated there.  We always brought our family and friends, and referred business your way.

We always enjoyed the service, especially the older lady and the older gentleman.  We will miss the the menu, lobster bisque, fresh lobster, my wife’s king crab and the ample garlic buns.  I liked approaching the counter to pay the bill just so I can have a few extra After Eights chocolates.

I hope you closed on good terms and not because we didn’t patron your restaurant enough, or send enough repeat business.  I wish you all well.

Sincerely, thank you so much.

Bob Goulais