sunrise001Three years ago today, we began our life’s journey together at sunrise beside the ocean – before the Creator, our family and friends.  We offered asaamaa, lit the sacred fire, smoked the pipe and shared the heart berry.  We readied ourselves throughout that day with memories of green turtles grazing along the seafloor, occasionally surfacing for a gulp of air.  Our ceremony, presided over by a Mayan Elder was everything we hope for and more.  Feeling the breeze through our hair, the sun on our faces and the sand between our toes.  All the while, sharing the presence of life and the sweetness of Love between our lips.  Looking forward to sharing the sunrise and the beach with you again in a week or so.

Happy Anniversary, Deborah. I Love you.


Together, hand-in-hand
We reach for the sky
Fingers intertwined
We blend as one

On a single plume of smoke
Swirling, Dancing
As free as the wind
Our Spirits lifted aloft

Like all Lovers before us
and those just steps behind
Our end trails exude our bliss
As we reach up, higher, further

Through each level of Creation
Love Respect Woman Man
To that first great Lodge
By the Creator’s side

That place where an aged spark
has been fanned into a never-ending fire
Gently stoked, giving steady light
Ablaze with an undying, passionate heat